Since 1995 (1374), Foolad Machine Company, has started its activities in the field of section production and industrial machinery. In 2004 (1383), the scope of the activities of the company get changed and made progress towards the production of pipes and steel sections simultaneous with the expansion of the plant and its transfer to the industrial town of Neka, and with the experience that this company had in the field of industrial machinery design and manufacturing, all the design processes, manufacturing and erection of the ERW pipe production line and also Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) production line was performed by the engineers and technicians of this company.
In 2004 (1383), with the best endeavor and perseverance of Foolad Machine Company and after a year of pilot production, the ERW pipe production line with the capacity of 80000 tons began to work. This line has the capability of pipe production with a diameter of 10-12 and 14 inches and the length according to clients’orders.

شرکت فولاد ماشین
In 2014 (1393), Foolad Machine Company launched Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) production line, with the goal of facilitating, reducing production costs and also shortening the construction time of steel structures, through innovation in profile production and related connections and in this way it created a great evolution in the construction industry in our country. This line is capable of straight production of square and rectangular sections from sheets in various dimensions and 6-15 mm thicknesses (Foolad Machine products). Changeability of size sections in short time and by spending very low costs, is one of the unique advantages of this line compared to other similar lines.
Since Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) was not known well in our country, Foolad Machine Company for increasing cognition and development of these sections began to design and construct industrial soole with HSS from 2011 (1390). By the same token, synchronous with the latest technology, Foolad Machine Company performed CONXL (an ultra-modern connection) in one of its sooles, which is used in the world for connecting Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) together.
بازدید وزیر صنایع و معادن
Units in Foolad Machine complex include ERW pipe production line, HSS production line, machine manufacturing, production hall (fit up line, welding, cutting, drilling), paint bays, quality control unit, design and engineering office. In November, 2014 (Aban, 1393) Foolad Machine Company enhanced the ERW pipe production line and by adding the sizing section to the end of this line, is able to transform pipe to profile. In this case, the steel sheet transforms to pipe and afterwards to square or rectangular sections.