Foolad Machine Company has taken a new step in the machine manufacturing industry and heavy equipment production through innovative design for overhead cranes. The main structure of our innovative crane is manufactured with Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) which are our products too.
Changes in the mechanism are as follows:
  1. Structure
    • Use of Hollow Structural Section (HSS) with High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA)
    • Ease of constructing overhead crane structure
  2. End truck
    • Wheels and impressing location of force
    • The connection of end truck and the main structure (bridge)
overhead crane


Use of HSS with full-strength steel
Integrated production of main structure is not possible for conventional cranes since steel plates that are used in their structures and the maximum dimension of existing plates is 6×1.5 meters. For example for steel structures with 20 meter span, it is necessary to use four plates and weld them through built-up method for constructing web or flange of the box with related dimensions. It means that structures which are made of plates as a box have disadvantages such as too much welding volume, twisting and wrapping resulted from welding and being non-integrated. But the section which is used in overhead cranes made in Foolad Machine Company is Hollow Structural Section (HSS). These sections are semi-prefabricated which have less welding volume rather than the common ones. In addition they have shorter construction time. Due to continuous production process of these sections and in the absence of restriction in transportation, these longitudinal sections can be produced integrated and in desired length. Also the steel which is used in this structure is full-strength and this feature causes less weight and better control (due to inertia and crane motor power along the industrial shed). It can also be affordable because of structure weight.

Ease of constructing overhead crane structure
Unique mechanism, innovation in mechanical part of this crane and consequently use of simple and available instruments and equipment with fair price and procurement these sections from reputable manufacturer lead to ease of construction and lower anticipated final cost compare to common cranes.